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Lynk-Gel uses LED light to harden the clear gel adhesive in an instant, and attaches the eyelash extension firmly.
Developed by an American manufacturer, this technique is currently available only at KJStudio in Singapore.

  • You can wash your face and shower immediately after the treatment!
  • Oil cleansing can be used.
  • The extension attachment part is softer and more comfortable than conventional glue.
  • Recommended for those who have sensitive eye area, and those who want to reduce the risk of causing glue allergies in the future.
  • The design can correspond to any other menu so far.

Flat Lash

Round hair is a normal rush when viewed in cross section. Flat lash is a lash with a flat cross section. In addition, the tip of the hair is branched into two. The features are as follows.

  • Since the upper and lower part of the extension are cut flat, it is lighter, and the burden on your own eyelashes is lesser.
  • Because it is branched, it looks darker than the previous extensions, with a smaller number of installations than before, the lashes look fuller.
  • Since it has a flat shape, it has a wide adhesive surface, and it fits on your own eyelashes, the lash adheres firmly and it lasts longer.
  • By increasing the degree of adhesion, your own eyelashes will be pulled up together, and you can expect a lift-up effect.

Volume Lash

The technique is originally called “Russian volume lash”.
Like a fan, 2 to 6 (2D to 6D) bundles of extra-fine artificial hair are attached to your own lashes one by one according to your desired volume and design.
Compared to regular extensions, the tips of the hair are separated and thin, so it is light and soft, making it easier to wash and care for your face. It is possible to attach from 200 to a maximum of 600 or more.

Hybrid Lash

The hybrid lash is designed with both single lash and volume lash hair.It is a design that takes advantage of both the emphasized hair of a single and the delicate hair of a volume lash to fill the gap

Prime Lash

Prime Lash is a combination of 2 extremely soft Flat Lashes that are attached at the top and bottom of one lash. It has a flat adhesive part that mimics our own lashes which creates more depth and density all the way to the tip.
We highly recommend Prime Lash to our customers who don't have enough natural lashes, but yet want to have a firm and dark eyelashes.

  • Those who don't have many natural eyelashes
  • Those who are struggling with thin and weak eyelashes
  • Those who desire an eyeliner effect on their eyes without having semi-permanent tattoo
  • Those who want a more prominent and dark eyelashes
  • Those who are not satisfied with the boldness

Lash Lift



New technology to firmly raise your own eyelashes from the root and attach extensions "UPwardlash®"

This option menu is highly recommended for those who have downward lashes and those who are not satisfied with the curl and finish of the extension so far. By raising the lashes from the root, a lot of light enters the eyes, giving a brighter and more gorgeous impression. It is possible to add to both single lash and volume lash menus.

Color Lash Volume Lashes in a Mix of Colorful colors +$20〜$30
Eye Spa (Shampoo, Mask & Booster Set Menu) $28
Collagen Eye Mask (Botanical Collagen, Vitamin A&E) +$5
Smile Line Mask (Hydrating and firming) +$5
Eyelash Shampoo (Deep cleanse for healthier skin and lashes) +$15
Booster (Strengthen for longer lasting extensions) +$15
Amino Treatment (Repairs from inside of the eyelashes) $15
Lower Lash 20 (Lashes)
Removal *Please note that we are unable to add on/ touch up other salons' extension. we will remove eyelash extensions done by other salons completely first. $10~$30