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  • What is Eyelash Extension?
  • Top Level beautician in Japan.
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What is Eyelash Extension?

What is Eyelash Extension?

The eyelash extension is a new technique, putting an artificial eyelash on your lash one by one carefully. This technique is much more natural than other usual treatments. It’s comparably cheaper and easy way to impress your eyes.

Besides, eyelashes are put one by one, which means you can choose the length, thickness and kinds of curl to design finely according to your request.

This extension is also useful for time savings on your makeup. The extension has already curl, which means you don’t need to use an eyelash curler and mascara. You can jump into a pool or sea, because this is water proof.

What is Classic Single Lash Extension?

Artificial single eyelashes are applied on natural eyelashes one by one very carefully. There are various curl shapes and length so our beautician will check customer's eyelash condition and decide design together accordingly to customer's requirements. Up to total around 160 lashes can be applied.

What is Volume Lashes ?

What is Volume Lashes ? This technique is also called Russian Volume Lashes and consist of applying multiple ultra thin lash extensions (2D - 6D) to each natural eyelash in a fanned shape. Each lash is made lighter than a single lash. 200 lashes up to more than 600 lashes can be applied.

Top Level beauticians from Japan.

Before the treatment, our beautician will do a consultation to fit your preferred style. Our Japanese beauticians are highly skilled to design any kind of eyelash excellently.

The facility and products are chosen by the beautician carefully in order to fit various kinds of customer needs. Of course we are keeping everything clean, safe and comfortable, so if you are a new-comer, please feel at ease.

Damageless high-quality products.

Damageless high-quality products.

All the products we use are carefully chosen by our Japanese top beautician. Those products do not damage to your skin.